Compatible with Virtual Reality.

Eurofighter Typhoon is the world’s most advanced swing-role combat aircraft providing simultaneously deployable Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface capabilities.The Eurofighter Typhoon is a European twin-engine, canard delta wing, multirole fighter. The Typhoon was designed originally as an air superiority fighter and is manufactured by a consortium of Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo that conducts the majority of the project through a joint holding company, Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH. NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency manages the project and is the prime customer.

Please set MODERN flight model inside MSFS setting before use the aircraft!

MSFS > esc > settings > flight model > set MODERN

This version for Microsoft Flight Simulator features:

Version 1.6

-Now 13 liveries are available:

5 Original: Opaque, Bright, Spain, Britain and Luftwaffe remake by Benedikt Fröhlich.

8 Licenced by Jiannis Camel: U.S. Navy, Acdc , Camouflage Red, Ghost Tiger, Iron Maiden, Tiger Bronze, Withe Tiger, Greece.

-Pdf manual version 1.0 by Philippe Grégoire

-Top speed >1.400 Knot/GS ~ Mach 2.1 ~ 2.500 Km/H | also to low pass

-15500 HP - full throttle

-GPS mouse interactive Panel

-FMC Panel

-HUD Panel

-2 MFD Panels with Wheater, Terrain, Engine, System, Fuel, Plan

-PFD Panel

-Speed Backup Panel

-Radio Panel

-Full working Autopilot

-Reverse throttle

-Engine start from apron

-Pushback , Fuel truck , ground power




Installation: Extract the setup file and Copy the entire folder " bredok3d-typhoonEF " inside " MSFS/COMMUNITY " Enjoy - * feel free to contact us for installation help

Be sure to copy "bredok3d-typhoonEF" and not " bredok3d-typhoonV1.1/bredok3d-typhoonEF" folder (NO SUBFOLDER)

Make sure you are using the MODERN flight model in the simulator settings. This product is not compatible with the old "legacy" flight model

VR - Virtual Reality

Eurofighter Typhoon is fully compatible with the newly updated virtual reality VR system from Microsoft Those who have the chance to try it will see something fantastic! Settings for VR: in the graphics settings, we recommend that you set all the parameters to a minimum, and then increase them based on the potential of your PC.

*Small problem with the mouse visualization



19/08/2021 Version 1.3

-Solved general issue for latest MSFS version ( improved flight model, fixed lights)

24/01/2021 Version 1.10
-Added 8 new Liveries |U.S. Navy|Acdc|Camouflage Red|Ghost Tiger|Iron Maiden|Tiger Bronze|Withe Tiger|Greece|
-Luftwaffe anniversary renewd thans to the contribution of Benedikt Fröhlich
-Fixed duplicated names (EF)
-Fixed starting from customize position

-Fixed autopilot issue - flight plan/custom setting work
-Improved decals
-General fixes
-Added A/P Disconnection button - RESET

-Added AFTERBURN (beta)
-Added 3 liveries (luftwaffe anniversary - french anniversary - spain color)
-Autopilot rebuilt (the ALT button has two functions now hold/selector)
-Audio remake with many new effects (normalized volume)
-Implemented some decals
-Added barometer button
-Elevator without scalars as in the original flight model
-Enhanced ground brakes
-VR mouse partially fixed
-Fixed autopilot routes NAV/VNAV (the routes lines are not visible but only the points)
-*All lights is working

23/12/2020 Version 0.98
- Fix the Autopilot with new MSFS version
- Add the A/T (automated throttle) function for AP
- Fix the throttle animation
- Edit the AirBrake lever

18/12/2020 Version 0.97
- Flight model improved to achieve mach 2.1 - 2500 Km/h
- HUD in absolute position
- Optimize the shadows of the external model as in reality
- Added Mach 1 and 2 function in HUD and PFD center panel
- Ground brakes with more power
- PFD fonts much visible
- Edit detail in the cockpit
- New working radio panel
- New hangar visualization
- Small change to the gravity center

12/12/2020 Version 0.96

- Added cockpit glass, now it receive the rain
- New paint for cockpit's main panels - 4k PBR
- Make the pilot a bit bigger , not yet animated
- Fixed a minor bug that display external elements

06/12/2020 Version 0.95
- Added military pilot, visible from the outside
- New windshield, which displays drops of water from the outside
- Bomb and missles deleted

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*Verified Product User*


Very low quality for the price. Feels like a free user mod.



Was working great till the msfs SU5 broke it. Contacted msfs support they said 3'd party needs
to be supported by the vendor.
Little confused as the ver on here is 1.1 and the ver on the msfs marketplace is 1.2.1 so not sure what to do next.
Issue i:
Microsoft plane installed Eurofighter "Typhoon Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GMBH by Bredok3d version 1.2.1 up to date."
Controls fine while taking off and then after starting to climb and level off it is like the controls don't work anymore. You can level off but then it wants on it's own to climb or decent and becomes unresponsive after takeoff and in the air can't maintain control.
It was working before SU5 and other planes don't have this issue when flying.
tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the content manager


*Verified Product User*


pretty basic, exterior model is really good, interior is really bad, not many buttons work, something you would expect from a free addon, not many updates either for the plane. owned since January and its had one update that didn't change much.


*Verified Product User*


Not bad as aircraft, I always use it for flying. But there are some elements that need to be fixed to reach a 5-star rating.
First of all, the taxiing and landing lights are NOT placed under the nose, but on the rear landing gears. Then you should improve the texturing inside the cockpit and make the afterburners much more realistic than they're now. One last thing, at low speeds, the sound doesn't seem to be the original Eurofighter sound.
However it's fun to fly and I haven't encountered any particular issues, other than model imperfections.


*Verified Product User*


No more updates on this ???!!!
That's a nice aircraft, actually. It would be nice to improve the cockpit, etc


*Verified Product User*


I'm really disappointed by this plane; it looks very low-poly, the interior textures are horrible, the sounds are all messed up and the flight model feels very unrealistic. Better save your money.



Not good at all, i have FPS drops, and you are forced to put aircraft realism on easy in order to avoid your aircraft being destroyed. There is lot to fix and improve, only by then i will change my review


*Verified Product User*


So fun in VR!

Keep updating and add lights to the outside and AP functionality and don’t reduce the speed! Amazing as a manual flier



Very very disappointing. The outside model is ok, but the afterburn looks bad. The main problem is the interior, which is horrendous. The sunlight and shadows don't work in the cabin (the rays are not able to cross the glass), the model in the interior is very poor, it is a Frankenstein model, a mix of different pieces from different planes. A WASTE OF MONEY! (in my opinion)


*Verified Product User*

(Video) FS2020 Informatica Az, Eurofighter Typhoon Overview/review. Fastest aircraft/fighter jet in MSFS!


the plane is decent from an external view. internal is horrendous. same with the flight dynamics. not worth the money. i even got it on sale and it isnt even worth it. wait out for a better one or a drastic fix


*Verified Product User*


Poor Cockpit and not so real flight phisics. Afterburner plume and overall plane texture is extremelly low.
It flys fast. Not much more.



After initial disappointment a couple of weeks back....things seem to have been sorted.

Downloaded this again and seems to now be flying great. Looks and sounds nice too.



Despite what some others say, I found this aircraft fantastic to fly. It is not the most realistic (yet). There are a lot of buttons that do not currently function, however everything you need to fly is working. What makes this aircraft fun is simply how fast it can go compared to most of the other currently available aircraft.

If you aren't a nitpicker, and just want something that resembles a speedy rocket, then I recommend this aircraft.



is easy to fly. Only the autopilot is absolutely useless. the ap switch can no longer be switched in use.


*Verified Product User*


Followed this aircraft since the first release.

If I rated this product at first I will have given 3 stars.

I waited to rate this product to see if the developer was correcting lots of issues for this beautiful airplane.

I ended up to give 5 stars, and I've only 1 last request:
Pls fix the speed on different altitude! Actually the version 1.1 is pretty ok, but the speed based on altitude and some tiny issues on the flight model have to be perfectioned.

Well done overall, I think he has done a very good job, hope that version 1.2 or 1.3 have the correct flight dynamics and the correct speed.


*Verified Product User*


To follow on other Reviews:
Its fast, but thats about all it got.

Cockpit is a terrible Frankenstein Construction, mixed with different Boeing MFDs. Exterior Model is ok`ish but nothing really worth mentioning. And thats all i really have to say about it. They have lowered the price meanwhile but its still not worth it imo, there are better aircrafts to get


*Verified Product User*


Nice plane but i would like to say it is a early devolopment and i hope you will continue your work on the aircraft and improve it.


*Verified Product User*


Very fun plane to fly, especially in VR but definitely needs more work, optimisation and love in the future. It works for what it is and for around 20€ I'd say it's worth it. The included liveries however are of questionable quality at best.


*Verified Product User*


Does not even come close to the quality of the MB339. There is no "feel" to the flying, it feels like an arcaded game.


*Verified Product User*


good job, i really like it a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Verified Product User*


I purchased this plane since about day one and it is getting better and better. One note: I modified the static engine data from 15500 to 10500 static thrust. Lost a bit of top speed but much more throttle range in the sub sonic flight spectrum.

Thanks its a great plane.


*Verified Product User*


After all the updates, this plane is working great. It's the fastest plane you can get for FS2020 and it's a joy to fly.


*Verified Product User*


Decent model, good exterior okay interior. one big issue i usually have is when autopilot is enabled no matter what altitude I select it goes back to 15,000. furthermore not all of the buttons work. majority are inop. however hopefully these will be fixed in later updates to give us an amazing model.


*Verified Product User*


(Video) FSX/P3D Eurofighter Typhoon Start Up Tutorial

Very nice Flight model especially at over Mach 1, Very nice outside textures but for a payware the textures in the cockpit could be better and not all switches work which is dissapointing. Very nice sounds and afterburner could do with being a bit brighter and longer.



Its amazing to fly the Typhoon. I like the Fighter now. The first time it was worst of time but they bring updates regulary and its getting better and better. I hope it will be realistic with all buttons soon. THxx for the nice work.

Me and my friend love it


*Verified Product User*


Version 1.0 Review:

- Sound is now Amazing, Thanks for bringing the original sound back in a way.
- Maneuverability at low speeds used to slow down around 350-400kts, no i can make the same corners around 650 kts ( mach 0.98 ) which is amazing.
- Updates on controls is very good now, since I'm able to select a heading and an altitude, without just having to fly to the needed height then enable the Autopilot. This now seems to me as it is working.
- I believe it's the speed intervention, where you change and select your speed for cruising. That is changeable, but the button to enable to lock is not available yet. Pretty sure I am correct on this and Never mind if I am wrong, But a feature like that would be great to have.
- The new banking system below the Heading selector also works very well.
- Very Nice improvements, In my opinion this is the Best plane in MSFS, Even better than the Upcoming F15 models.
- 5 stars, Keep up the Good work.
- Recommended item for MSFS, If you like flying Jets that is.


*Verified Product User*


Not perfect, but very usable, thrilling at low level, hoping that continued mods and graphic improvements will enhance the experience. Good fun between the long hauls, from my point of view I need better brakes ????


*Verified Product User*


Great fun! Dropped 1* as the cockpit functionality and graphics need work BUT, it is the fastest aircraft in the game and just such fun. Great to travel long distances and really fun in the Alpine valleys. I'd love to see the graphics and cockpit improved then it would be a solid 5*. Can't complain really as it is free.
Big thank you to Bredok3d.


*Verified Product User*


Freaking awesome. The fastest plane in the west! Everything looks good, the sim works well. The plane itself takes some practice to land, but I imagine this is true for real Eurofighters as well.


*Verified Product User*


To say the obvious part frist: Yeah the cockpit does not look very good, more functional then immersive and i really have no idea if the flight model is correct.

It looks great from the outside and its really joy to just fly and see the world without needing to be long time on cruise level.

its just that. A very fun plane if you feel the need of speed. More TopGun then DCS but a lot fun.

But i really hope we could get some sort of manual and the cockpit needs a lot of love. See you in Miramar!


*Verified Product User*


Amazing Plane, Very good at high speeds. Reached 1820KTS last time I flew it. Would Definitely recommend it to others. A cockpit chair change would be nice / A RAF Livery would be great. Maneuverability is good, at most speeds. But on 1000kts + you cannot barely turn. Some Maneuverability Upgrades on that would be Nice. Its less realistic but would make the Flights more Immersive + Looking over previous Versions, It had its own sound file. Now it doesn't have its own sound. What Happened? I would really recommend getting it back, since it was so Immersive.


*Verified Product User*


Plane is interesting so far, but I was really expecting the AP to work correctly. It is very wonky and no very good in AP mode yet. I hope the dev can fix this soon then perhaps I can give it a higher rating. For now, for what it is, this is as high a rating as I can muster.


*Verified Product User*


Very good aircraft for its price !!!
I highly recommend it.
For those who want a fast aircraft.
Some small problems are funny in relation to its price.
Finally no more yawning in front of the screen, waiting to reach my destination.
Take it and throw it manually, feel the freedom it offers !!!
It is a monster of power !!!
With a little practice you can go from 140 to 1,400 knots.
Ok it's not realistic, but feel his freedom inside the MSFS with its incredible graphics.


*Verified Product User*


I really like this aircraft but there is a few problems at the minute such as the alt selector goes up in thousands and not hundreds, the auto throttle selector is not synced properly with the air speed indicator. I would also hope that the developer will increase the maneuverability of this is aircraft at high speeds. this aircraft has potential i would highly recommend this product.


*Verified Product User*


I really like this aircraft but there is a few problems at the minute such as the alt selector goes up in thousands and not hundreds, the auto throttle selector is not synced properly with the air speed indicator. I would also hope that the developer will increase the maneuverability of this is aircraft at high speeds. this aircraft has potential i would highly recommend this product.


*Verified Product User*


Flying that plane is real fun. Except the Autopilot. When I engage the AP then the trim is going to -100% followed by disengagement of the AP.


*Verified Product User*


Looks like an FSX aircraft. Not polished. The flight model is not accurate. The whole project feels and looks rushed. Definite buyer's regret.


*Verified Product User*


Great fun and can only get better give or take a few more updates.

AutoPilot for me isnt quite perfected, especially the V/S and Navigation piece however it's still great fun. Get it whilst you can ( if on sale :) )


*Verified Product User*


(Video) MSFS Eurofighter Typhoon Formation flight.

If fast jets are your thing, this is probably the most fun you can have in MSFS right now. Plenty of power. I don't know how realistic the model is, but it flies well. My only problem is it seems to not want to slow down even when at 0% throttle. Crank up the air brake and it slows pretty quick though.


*Verified Product User*


Nice smooth flying fighter.
Pretty nice easy to fly.
A manual would be nice, but there is not that much to figure out.
The FMS will take a bit of time to figure out.
The popouts are great as is the HUD.


*Verified Product User*


What a fantastic bird love it. She is super fast and looks just fantastic. The creators went all the way with this one.


*Verified Product User*


Not the best performing MSFS jet graphically but not bad and developer appears to be updating regularly.

Fun to fly because it faster by far than the MB 339. Climbs fast and great audio of the jet engines.

Some jerky frame rate though at times that I suspect is frame rates being impacted by all the glass displays on the instrument panel.

All in all happy with purchase and recommend as long as developer is committed to improving the negatives.

Tom Robin

*Verified Product User*


I'm flying this one in VR since it said support for VR.

- The mouse pointer seems to track only from your left eye, you'll miss all the buttons if you try to click anything with both eyes open.

- The autopilot is unstable and at higher altitudes (past FL600) rolls your plane from side to side.

- The plane handles a bit slower than I would expect from a fighter, especially the rolls.

- The monitors are impossible to read even if you seat yourself completely up to them (Running 100% sampling MSFS and 220% supersampling with the index), and let alone a complete mess to try to configure ILS and flight paths since the buttons are abyssmal in size.
Also I doubt the Typhoon uses the 787 instruments in real life.

- The HUD is a nice feature, it even works if you look at an angle towards it in VR. However disappearing into mildly bright backgrounds.

- Plane doesn't have any outside lights functioning apart from a red strobe on the tail and NAV lights at the moment. No taxi lights or night vision.

- The cockpit could use a rework to look more like a plane made for MSFS 2020, currently it looks more similar to VTOL VR texture wise. The exterior looks decent however, no afterburners animated yet.

All in all it's a fun jet, and if you like to fly past mach 2.0 or take off straight up to FL400 within 1 minute I'd recommend buying it. Hopefully they keep fixing the plane as the patch notes seem to update regurlarly, and we'll get a fighter that functions as close to the one in real life.


*Verified Product User*


Nice aircraft, I like it
Is there a way to remove the cockpit glass?


*Verified Product User*


Just bought this yesterday and i had to write something after seing all these negative comments.

THIS IS AN EPIC PLANE ! A little work is needed in the cockpit textures which i am sure they will deliver.
All the other updates are top notch.
Epic sound.epic speed.epic fun !

P.S Got this and the MB339 BEST BUYS EVER !


*Verified Product User*


Very nice model and by far the fastest plane in MSFS at this time. 1350kts at sea level is insane!
The exterior is nicely detailed. The only downside there is the movement of the nosewheel while turning on the ground, but that doesn't bother me.
The interior is a bit crude. Not up to the MSFS2020 standard.
The sound is simply brutal. If you hook your sim up to a descent sound system and select the outside viewpoint, you can feel the sound going through your body. You feel what 180KN of thrust means.
In all a very enjoyable plain that allows for some quick and dirty sightseeing (did the Nile river this weekend, from Abu Simbel to Alexandria, over 900km in 30 minutes).


*Verified Product User*


I just purchased it 2 days ago and must say it's the most fun aircraft to have in the sim right now. Unfortunately, I was expecting a working autopilot but that's not the case. As soon as I tun ON the AP, the plane goes haywire and starts swinging violently. Autothrottle is also not very consistent. Also, on high altitudes the elevator is very sensitive, I expect it to be opposite.


*Verified Product User*


This is my new favorite jet. It goes super fast and the sound is on point!


*Verified Product User*


After reading a few reviews and watching the videos and despite all the shortcomings mentioned, I decided to buy this plane. I don’t know how realistic it is, but all I can say is that I really enjoy flying it. And I think with the updates, it will only get even better.
Great work !


*Verified Product User*


This Eurofighter is a cool and fast plane.
Currently it flys like an A320. It should be much more agile.
I would love to fly with high angles of attack. But right now, I couldn´t figure out, which settings I would have to change in order to make it much more agile and fun.

Hopefully, the creator will update it.

All in all, it is worth its money but needs a bit more tweaking


*Verified Product User*


I got it after some good reviews posted lately. In my opinion it is far from MSFS standards and may not get there too. I have the 3 airports they developed and they are very good.
The cockpit looks like a comics plane with all the light and strange panels.
Will like to see a more serious update in the near future.


*Verified Product User*


Yes it goes fast, but seemingly faces no drag. Idle engines and turning and the thing barely slows down. Full back on the stick and it takes literally minutes to stall.

More pressingly the rate of roll is sluggish for a fighter, making it less fun than it could be, and probably isn't realistic either.


*Verified Product User*

(Video) EF-2000 Typhoon in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020


This aircraft is so much good fun, it goes wicked fast and you will enjoy everything of it.
Since this will be updated in the feature i rate it 5 stars.

Keep up the work man.


*Verified Product User*


Very nice in 4k!
I did +1320 kts or + Mach 2 on altitude

Good work: Physics are amazing already!

Tristan Antoon

*Verified Product User*


Great fun already - Excited for what's to come.

This is obviously not a final version ATM, but even right now this is the most fun plane I have in MSFS.

I really look forward to the DEV continuing to improve this.

I'm having a lot of fun already and am even more excited about what's still to come.

If you're an immersion freak this is not for you in its current state, as the cockpit is a Frankensteins monster combined from panels of MSFS default planes.

It still works great though. And no other aircraft in MSFS can even compare performance wise.


*Verified Product User*


Good Plane after most updates.
Autopilot ok.
Flight right and easy.
Max speed for the moment Mach 1.4.
I hope , next update his the external loadout :-)


*Verified Product User*


This is a great plane, I was waiting for the jets and here please surprise the EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON. I would like to see him in Polish colors, also in Poland for our army. I hope that one day the Polish government will buy this wonderful plane. And I would also like to see our Polish white-tailed eagle from the Leonardo M-346 Master group in MSFS. And at the moment I recommend this super jet which is the EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON. Best regards.


*Verified Product User*


The developer make updates.
The Eurofighter Typhoon is a great fine for me!!


*Verified Product User*


I am giving it 4-stars not because of where this aircraft is but because where it can be in the future with continued efforts by the developer. MSFS is lacking many jet aircraft but I know great developers like Dino and many others are on their way to fill that gap. Informatica, hopefully, can one day be counted in that category.

I purchased the aircraft despite the vast majority of the reviews being negative. I purchased it also knowing that the developer has made efforts to improve the visual flight model and I am certain he will continue to make it better.

Some suggestions:

1) Thank you for adding the pilot figure but please update the figure to make it more realistic. The aircraft's visual flight model is great but having that FS9 pilot in there takes away from the experience. Make the pilot a bit bigger as well.

2) Add burners. It is now possible as some of my FSX transferred aircraft (Dino's F-14D) now display burners.

3) Flight model is not as bad as some made it sound like. Developer, please emphasize that you MUST fly in the modern flight model and not legacy flight model.

4) Ground handling especially during take off and landing runs can be improved.

5) Please use PBR, this is MSFS 2020 and that should be the standard.

6) I suggest until this get to 100%, you can perhaps offer a discount (10-15 Euros) and make certain folks know this is in development and that there will be incremental updates.

Overall, I do not think it's as bad as people have made it sound and it's only going to get better. Best of luck to the developer and this aircraft and I think it will have a bright future.


*Verified Product User*


Not good at all. Catastrophic flight model, cockpit giving the impression of being in FS9. On the other hand quite well modeled


*Verified Product User*


Very promising project.
Cool & reactive developer and already a very fun aircraft to fly with.
what's better than a low-flying at 100ft at mach 1.5 ?


*Verified Product User*


Bought this to see if it was worth it. The 3d model looks good but the cockpit could use work. I shut the engines off mid air and restarted, then found the right thrust nozzle was stuck open and both engine were back running. It looked as if the non-animated full open nozzle was still in place and the animated nozzle was in the center of it. Plane could use some refinement overall. Hopefully my investment in this aircraft becomes worth it over time. I am glad this plane was at least available as they work out the bugs.



I'm hoping this addon becomes worthwhile in the future - from what I can see from the images, the 3D model looks good, but the external and cockpit textures are amateurish, at best.

It's using what appears to be all the instruments/avionics from the default A320, which might be acceptable - for a VERY short while.

Not sure why "thrust reversers" are listed as a feature as the IRL Typhoon does not have them.

All in all, while I'd really like to support this new Dev, esp since it's a .mil aircraft, the value for money simply isn't where it needs to be.

Bring the price WAY down while you fix the issues and update the work.


*Verified Product User*


Meh. It certainly is not MSFS 2020 quality. Looks like an FSX aircraft ported over. The camera views are a mess. Ground handling is abysmal. It flies ok, watch your AOA on short final.

Overall I am not impressed. It is not worth the asking price and is undoubtedly the worst payware aircraft for MSFS2020. I would steer clear until this thing is improved.


*Verified Product User*


Any pilot figure is missing which disturbes immersion when flying fro outside. One missile under the belly is fixed the wrong way round. There are some graphic glitches on top of the wings. The gear retraction is not done neatly. We cannot expect the aerodynamics of a real Eurofighter right now considering the state of development of MSFS, but perhaps the graphics could do with an overhaul for the price 20 euros. On the other hand the HUD is done very nicely.


*Verified Product User*


(Video) Bredok3D Eurofighter Typhoon First Impression | MSFS | FS2020 | Microsoft Flight Simulator

Nice looking model, VC has some rough looking edges ( the edges of the canopy glass for example). Would like to have an manual to get everything out of the MFD's, the loadout and the plane's starting and shutting down procedures. Tried to shut down engine after landing "by the book", but had to use the MSFS shortcut keystrokes.
I found the Eurofighter Typhoon quite stable in flight, no jumping up or down, while mantaining straight flight. Reacting good on the stick during turning and climbing manoeuvres.
Good sounds, only speech (radio messages from ATC) tends to be blotted out by the sound of the engines.
All in all, I find it a believable jetfighter and can recommend it.


1. Flight Simulator 2020 Gameplay (Cockpit) Marseille to Nice in Eurofighter - MSFS2020 - Timelapse
(Chrizzly's Observable Universe)
2. Eurofighter Typhoon Accidental High Mach Turn (MSFS 2020)
(Bruce Irving)
3. FSX/P3D - Eurofighter Typhoon - Air to Surface Tutorial
5. SIMMARKET Flight Simulators
(SIMMARKET Official)
(Essential RC)

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